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An Investigation of Young Indian Consumer's Perceptions on Foreign Branded Apparels - A Study on Consumer Behaviour
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An Investigation of Young Indian Consumer's Perceptions on Foreign Branded Apparels - A Study on Consumer Behaviour
von: Murali Guruswamy
GRIN Verlag , 2014
ISBN: 9783656621119
86 Seiten, Download: 2873 KB
Format: EPUB, PDF
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Master's Thesis from the year 2014 in the subject Business economics - Offline Marketing and Online Marketing, grade: Merti, University of Lincoln (Graduate School), course: Master's in Business Administration, language: English, abstract: The study is based on analyzing young Indian's perceptions on foreign branded apparels and analysis of Indian youth customer's behavior. The investigation primarily aimed at analyzing young Indian customer's behavior and exploring the relation between them with foreign branded apparels. It also included the theoretical study of Brands & Brand Management and the key drivers that has a likely impact on customer's behaviors, which used Indian young customers as target participants for the study. The study finalizes that fact that brands have significant impact of customer's behavior by outlining the key drivers that would enable gradual sales for organizations, by presenting various theories, models, and methodologies to arrive at a conclusion. In the theoretical part of the study, the researches makes a prompt attempt to explore the relationship between consumer behaviors and brands considering the influential factors acting upon the mindsets of the customer's. The consumer's decision-making abilities and process are subjected with brands elements and factors that would build effective global brands to fulfill the objectives of the study and arrive at conclusion. Findings from theoretical and practical analysis determines that the global brands managers should realize that building brands on target customer bases and their perceptions would contribute to the growth of their businesses. The study also outlines that fact that, young generations are more attracted towards the brands rather than the products they purchase. The study also confirms that, consumer behaviors are subjected to brand perceptions and among the targeted Indian young Indian customers; brands play a significant role in facilitating the purchase decision. These facts are the empirical evidences provided by 102 participants of the survey and 38 industry and retail experts who took place in interviews conducted by the researcher. Finally, the study outlines recommendations for the readers and brand marketers stating; brands are the intangible building tools of organization and global firms operating in India should consider the young generations as their major source of customer bases and design their strategies that would cater all the young customers irrespective of locations in India.

Academic Researcher and Writer.

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