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The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care
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The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care
von: O.J.Z. Sahler and J.E. Carr (Eds.)
Hogrefe Publishing, 2012
ISBN: 9781613344330
548 Seiten, Download: 3122 KB
Format: EPUB, PDF
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A clearly structured, compact text on the behavioral sciences for medical and other health professions, including practical features such as chapter review questions and an annotated practice exam.

The brand new edition of this highly readable text presents succinct information about how neurological, psychological, social and behavioral processes interact and together contribute to the health and wellness of individuals. Based around but expanding on the Integrated Sciences Model, and integrating the Institute of Medicine’s key themes for medical training, this latest edition is organized in sections covering:

• Brain Systems
• Homeostatic Systems and Disorders
• Individual-Environment Interaction
• Development Through the Life Cycle
• Social and Cultural Issues
• Societal and Behavioral Health Challenges
• The Health Care System, Policy, and Economics
• The Clinical Relationship
• Psychopathology

New chapters deal with Nutrition, Metabolism, and Feeding Disorders, Physician Health, Impairment, and Misconduct, the Psychiatric Evaluation, Principles of Psychotherapy, and Dementia. Clear appendices review principles of epidemiology and bio-statistics.

Each chapter begins with guidance questions and ends with current recommended readings and review questions. A complete 350+ question-and-answer multiple choice-type review section not only allows readers to assess how well they have learned the material, but also highlights important points and adds additional specific information to supplement the text.

From the first editor:
"This revision has been streamlined to allow for several new chapters, such as an in-depth look at provider impairment as well as updates on obesity, palliative care, and complementary medicine. In addition, the 350+ question-and-answer review section continues to provide concise discussions of specific topics that supplement the text. “In keeping with ABSAME’s new name as the Association for the Behavioral Sciences and Health Professions Education (ABSAHPE), we are convinced that this latest edition will lend itself ideally to teaching behavioral sciences for anyone pursuing a career in one of the health professions, including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, social work and other allied health professions, osteopathy, and chiropractic. After all, the principles that are the foundation of any effective, compassionate provider–patient relationship are fundamental to all our professions. So, too, are the societal barriers to proving excellent health care that can affect all healing relationships."
O. J. Sahler (Editor)

From the Reviews:

"The book is exceptionally well organized into thematically based sections with questions listed at the beginning of each chapter, clearly defined subsections within chapters, and recommended readings and questions with answers at the conclusion of each chapter. [...] This updated and enriched edition is an indispensable contribution to understanding an approach to healthcare that appears simple but in actuality is frequently more complex than appreciated. The organization allows for easy use in the teaching setting and would be most beneficial in this context."
Marie A Dewitt, MD, Rush University Medical Center, in Doody's Book Review

Review comments on the first edition:

“Takes attempts to integrate basic and behavioral sciences to a new level…Will enable students to see the importance of all aspects of a patient’s life and their influence on healthcare behaviors...Material is presented in a logical and concise manner that will appeal to medical students.”
Patricia Lenahan, writing in Annals of Behavioral Science and Medical Education, Vol. 9, # 2, Fall 2003

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